Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Day Sunset Photos

I went out and chased the sunset - not far, just to my normal spot on the Kenai Beach - last night as it was Earth Day and I haven't gotten to get out and shoot for the longest time. Between weather and just not feeling like it, I've been itching to go in the last week.

So off I went. I would've probably gone somewhere new - but with the new dog we have having had a meltdown when mom and dad went to church I didn't want to leave him alone... and they were later than normal getting home.

The sun is setting around 9:45 at night right now, in just another month it'll be closer to midnight. Then in June it won't really set at all! I love this time of year. Well... I love mid-May through September... right now everything looks dead and grey. April in Alaska is not the most picturesque time to visit. But there are still moments that remind you why Alaska is the closest we will ever come to Heaven this side of eternity (yes, I am biased).

It was a quiet night on the beach, we have about a month left until the beach is littered with thousands of people and fish guts during dip netting. I plan on going out and actually getting photos of the insanity that is dipnet season. I HATE that part of summer. I HATE how our beaches become over run and are not taken care of by those that use her shores to get the fish they supposedly need to live on. Not all dipnetters are bad, but there are enough bad eggs in the bunch that I just wish they'd all go away and leave our small community alone. Anchorage should stay in Anchorage.

So here's to the more peaceful scenes of the beach as the insanity of summer looms ever closer.

The photos will be available soon in my gallery for purchase.

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