Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Brent Sass' Iditarod ends due to disqualification.

Brent Sass and team during the
Ceremonial Start of Iditarod 43.
March 7, 2015
The news is all over social media and Iditarod.com - Brent Sass was DQed this evening due to his use of a device that has the capability to be used for two way communication. While Sass was using his iPod Touch to play music, the device has the capability of connecting to WiFi and is therefore not allowed on the Iditarod Race. It is allowed on the Yukon Quest, but as Sass said in an Insider Video after it happened - "this is a completely different race with completely different rules and I should've just thought that."

Brent won the Yukon Quest this year with the race mantra "I believe" - while he said he wasn't expecting to win this year's Iditarod, he was set to make at least the top 10 (and a lot of folks believed he'd be able to win). Brent is a true competitor, and a good dog driver. He just wasn't thinking. There's no reason to think he was trying to sneak one past the officials. This is just a bonehead mistake that ANYONE could have made - it's just that Brent was the one that made it.

I have no doubt he'll be back next year hungry for redemption.

You can read the official press release here.

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