Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Please sign the petition to bring the children home.

PLEASE TAKE THE TWO MINUTES AND SIGN THIS PETITION! There are adopted children waiting to come home and can't because of the ban on exit letters from the Congolese government. Both the Congo and the US have said these adoptions are LEGAL. That they have families. THEY JUST AREN'T ALLOWED TO LEAVE to go home with their families. They've been waiting OVER FIVE HUNDRED DAYS! Enough is enough, bring them home!


  1. Those kids? Are CONGOLESE citizens only until they step on US soil.

    You seem to have forgotten that DRC is a sovereign state -- it isn't required and CANNOT be compelled to let foreigners adopt their kids!!

    1. They've already been legally adopted by the Congolese government's own admission, the only thing standing in the way of them hitting US soil is getting an exit letter from the Congolese government.

      While I understand human trafficking is a serious issue they are trying to combat, there has to be a happy medium. Every adoptive family is not looking to abuse the children. They love and care for them - the ones willing to wait and continue to spend money to keep their children safe, fed, and cared for are not the enemy or something to be feared. They love their children with all their heart and soul... and these families should be reunited.