Thursday, January 22, 2015

30 Days of Fangirl-ism: Day 9 – One Favorite Character

So I have to pick ONE favorite from ONE fandom. Oh geez. I'm torn... I do know I won't just rehash my overly fangirly posts from last year about Neal Cassidy. I gush about him (and his actor) far too much.

However, after rewatching the latest episode of Arrow today ("Left Behind") I think I'd hate myself if I didn't feature John Diggle. I've loved David Ramsey's character from the first moment he stepped on screen. He called Oliver on his crap, has a master hand on sarcasm, and he's freaking hot. Watching him develop into the Arrow's right hand man and Oliver's best friend has been one of my favorite parts about this show.

I love how Diggle is the moral center of the group. Sure, Felicity can also take credit for keeping Oliver on the straight and narrow, but Diggle understands exactly what Oliver is going through. Being a soldier during the war in Afghanistan has given Dig a perspective that can help decipher the grey areas of Oliver Queen's mission to save his city. While Diggle may not always agree with Oliver's course of action, he understands the overall goal... and so he sticks by him. Not just because he was hired to be the playboy billionaire's bodyguard, but because he believes in the former frat boy.

Watching Diggle come to grips with the loss of his friend this week in "Left Behind" broke my heart. I expected the mid-season finale to grip my heart - with Felicity finding out Oliver is dead... and the rest of the team as well. But I held it together. It wasn't as bad as I thought, until Diggle's scene with Laurel towards the end of the show. He was the rock for the team throughout the episode until Laurel asks him if he'll be back [without Oliver], and he said he didn't know. His life was so hyper focused on Oliver's goals and mission that he didn't know what to do with that gone. I couldn't handle it. Ramsey pulled that scene off to perfection. He is the master. Thanks a lot David - now I'm a mess all over again. (I really did used to be sane!)

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