Sunday, January 18, 2015

30 Days of Fangirl-ism - Day 5: Fandom Secret

I don't really know what this means. I don't really have secrets where my fandom is concerned... I mean even when I think I'm keeping a secret someone calls me out.

It's pretty well known I try very hard not to "ship" characters - unless they are for sure a done deal (like "Snowing" on Once Upon A Time. Somehow I don't see Disney allowing the writers to break up Prince Charming and Snow White). I don't ship Emma with Captain Hook (though in Season 2 I saw it coming. Sorry Swanfire, I'm a bad fan of Neal's I know). I didn't ship Oliver with Felicity for the longest time (I always wait to ship someone after they die... case in point Emma and Neal... Tommy and Laurel... ha ha).

Oh, wait, there I said it - I don't ship Swanfire but I do. If I HAD to choose a ship in OUAT for Emma it'd be Emma and Neal. Mainly because that's what Neal wanted - but also because I find JMo and MRJ's chemistry very natural and real. Not just their romantic chemistry - but just in general. They seem to have an ease about them and they were believable in their "we have a history" attitude they brought to the storyline.
And we all thought he wanted to get her drunk. Ha!
 Whereas while JMo and Colin seem to have a great friendship and work well together - I don't feel that they are as believable as an actual couple (and seriously the "Colifer" stuff needs to stop. I'd lose ALL respect for Colin if he was in any way cheating with her-or anyone for that matter). I don't mean to sound offensive, I just feel that what, admittedly, little I've seen from this season (and the season 3 finale) feels awkward. All of the kisses seem very... I don't know... just not... organic? It's more like "okay this is where we're supposed to kiss" and they do. But when you go back and watch "Tallahassee" JMo and MRJ have their moments feel spontaneous and in the moment. Incredibly natural/organic.

I know, I know, I'm incredibly biased because really MRJ could read the phonebook right now and I'd be all fangirly... but I've always felt that while Hook was definitely the more attractive guy - Emma connects better with Neal.

So I *guess* that can be my secret? I kinda feel like Emma in the Echo Cave telling Neal she loved him but she wished he was dead (seriously WHY hasn't she felt guilty for saying that now that he really is gone?!).
I hate hugs, but I LOVE how he hugs. I want an MRJ/Neal hug.

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