Saturday, December 6, 2014

Because I have nothing better to do...

Would You Rather
Pierce your nose or your tongue? neither
Drink whole or skimmed milk? whole
Die in a fire or drowning? both are major fears of mine
Spend time with your parents or enemies? parents 

Are You?
Simple or complicated? simple, I think.
Straight, gay, bisexual, other?  straight

Right handed or left handed? right 
A lover of music or a lover of books? oooo at the moment music wins out but BOTH!

Do You Prefer
Flowers or sweets? flowers, I suppose
Gray or black? dark grey
Color photos or black-and-white photos? depends on the photo
M&Ms or Skittles? M&Ms
Staying up late or waking up early? staying up late

Sun or moon? Sun
Winter or Autumn? winter
10 acquaintances or 2 best friends? 2 best friends 
Rainy or sunny? sunny 
Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? vanilla  
Vodka or Jack? Dr. Pepper

About You
What time is it? 9:05PM
Name? Antonia
Nicknames? Toni, Tonichelle, Toni the Tree,
When is your birthday? January 21
What do you want? So many things. (I just whined earlier today that I want MRJ to have a happy ending for a character SOON) 
How many kids do you want? 2-3 
What would you name a girl? Alyssa Rose 
What would you name a boy? Stephen Alan, Jaren Michael, Phillip Matthew 
You want to get married? yep, if I find the right man 
What kind of music do you like? country, contemporary christian, broadway, disney...

Nervous habits? twirl my hair, bite my knuckles 
Are you double-jointed? no
 Can you roll your tongue? yes 
Can you raise one eyebrow? yes, but not like Colin O'Donoghue... his are perfect lol 
Can you cross your eyes? yes, but it doesn't look like they're crossed.

Which shoe goes on first? whichever I find first
Ever thrown something at someone? yep
On average, how much money do you carry with you? 50 cents in pennies
What jewelry do you wear? none usually 
Do you twirl or cut spaghetti? both 
Have you ever eaten Spam? yes, and I don't want to talk about it. 
Favorite ice cream? cookies n cream 
How many different kinds of cereal are in your cupboard? idk, don't eat it.

Car ride? yesterday - but I drove today
Song played? "Go Tell It On The Mountain" sung by This Hope 
Person you saw? my dad & mom 
Time you cried? Cried in a dream last night... had some very weird OUAT mashups... MRJ and that show owe me my happiness!

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