Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sons of Liberty Promo is out! - My Thoughts

Okay there isn't too much to go on.. and the promos/styling of "Men Who Built America" and even "Houdini" were better made... but O!M!G! I am excited. Mainly because, yes, I'm a nerdy fangirl of two of the actors in the series (Michael Raymond-James who plays Paul Revere, and Ryan Eggold who plays Dr. James Warren), and I LOVE history. American Revolution is one of the time periods I'm always curious in as it's mainly - at this point - told as legend and the facts are romanticized. So when MRJ announced his new project last... May?... I was nerding out.

This take that History Channel seems to be taking is an interesting one. We know that the Sons of Liberty were sometimes looked at as more terrorists than revolutionaries (especially by the Brits... which I guess they have every right to call it that way ha ha), but it will be interesting to see the slant the history channel gives us. It definitely sounds like they're going to be more vigilante than most history books make them out to be (including one of the books that MRJ tweeted as being his reading material - yes I went and borrowed it from the library. Remember, I'm a stalker). I think this is the first time I've ever read "The Thug" next to Paul Revere's name (um, can we say typecasting?! just once I think MRJ should play a total straight man prince charming type... something "out of the norm" for him! ha ha!) so I'm even MORE interested to see Michael Raymond-James in this role.

What's also of interest - and possible concern - is that you can hear MRJ/Revere yelling "The British are coming!" in the promo. It's been widely discredited as being his actual words - more likely "The Regulars are coming" was what Revere said that night. If he even shouted out a warning at all. (American Spring, the book I'm reading, suggests that he rode up to homes). He also was not solo in his ride, and the promoshot of apparently Revere's ride has him as a lone rider. But it's a split second shot, so we'll see.

I love teasers but I'd also love to see more! I'm sure I'll get my wish as time goes on (they just wrapped filming a few days ago). December 14 cannot come soon enough!

[[ many thanks to the Michael Raymond-James Fan Page for uploading the promo! ]]

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