Sunday, August 31, 2014

31 Days of Film - Day 31: The "perfect" film

I reviewed Toy Story 3 when it came out in 2010. I was a mess afterwards. I've only watched it two other times. It's a tear jerking film. And it's PERFECT. It's the closest thing to perfection a film could ever get. And the shocking thing is - it's a sequel.

Both Toy Story sequels improved on the first - not just with technology but with the story itself. Toy Story 2 ripped our hearts out, but Toy Story 3 crushed them. (Yes, that is a Once Upon A Time reference.) Toy Story 3 basically perfected storytelling and CGI animation.

I don't think an animated film should make someone sob for the last 10-15 minutes of a film. I don't think it's right at all. But the ending was perfect (for the movie as well as the trilogy). I know Disney likes to milk their movies to the point of no return (see Frozen) but I really hope the rumors of Toy Story 4 remain rumors. You cannot perfect perfection.

And that concludes the 31 Day Film Challenge! With Disney coming in just two weeks I won't be doing a September challenge. I'm sure I'll find excuses to ramble on, though. (For 18 pages... FRONT AND BACK!)

And then when I get back from Disney there will be pictures... and hopefully a completed trip report (I mean, 5th times the charm, right?!)


  1. Okay here's the deal... I wasn't upset you don't like MY 'perfect' trilogy of LOTR, so you don't get to be upset I didn't like Toy Story haha! (Though I will admit I didn't bother to watch the last one, only the first two.)

    1. WHAT?! How does one not like Toy Story?!