Tuesday, August 12, 2014

31 Days of Film - Day 12: Movie with your favorite actor/actress

I am going to cheat and do a film with both my favorite actress and actor. I adore Katherine Hepburn. Ever since high school I couldn't get enough of her. She was such an interesting persona. Equally high on my favorites list is Cary Grant. I've loved him since mom sat me down and made me watch Arsenic & Old Lace (while I was in high school). I was in drama club, and she wanted me to get an appreciation for great acting.

It worked.

I love all things 1940s and 50s, especially the glamorous Hollywood version of the times. It was the golden era of cinema. I love the architecture, the fashion, the simpler times (that really blazed the way for the convoluted ones we have today).

And I love their movies.

Especially The Philadelphia Story. It stars my three favorite actors of that era - Hepburn, Grant, and Stewart. It's witty, smart, and just a great time. It was originally written for Broadway - and for Hepburn. After her turn as Tracy on stage, she brought it to Hollywood where they cast Grant and Stewart to play opposite her. They could hold their own against such a powerhouse like Kate. The chemistry that the cast had was near perfection.

I kinda identify with Hepburn's characters in her films. Hepburn herself was a tomboy and so I think that's what always speaks to me - and her characters seem to be a lot like her. I may not be a divorcee looking at groom #2 all the while still feeling something for groom #1 and crushing hard on a journalist, but I do get the trying to stick to the picture everyone has of me and holding myself to impossible standards... and holding those around me to impossible standards.

Grant and Stewart created great moments as well on screen. Their humor and sarcasm were what they were known for, and the looks they gave spoke volumes. This film was the perfect vehicle to pit the two against each other, and all I can say is - it's a tie. I can't choose a winner in who was "better". It was like both characters were made for the actors who played them.

It's said that due to his bigger popularity, Grant got to choose which of the two roles he would play - the production company was hoping he'd play Macaulay Connor, but he chose CK Dexter Haven instead. It was the right move, though, because I honestly can't see the roles reversed. Besides, Grant should always get the girl.

Dang, if there's one thing that this daily challenge is doing, it's making me want to rewatch all of my favorite films!

Yes, I know, I've gushed about a certain other actor as of late on my blog... but he's not had a break out role in film yet (seriously, he dies or has a five second role in most everything... and the one film that he actually had a significant role in I haven't seen because he plays a really bad dude!). So Michael Raymond-James will just have to wait until I get to do another TV 30 day meme. lol

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