Thursday, August 7, 2014

31 Days of Film - Day 7: Movie with the best soundtrack

WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT'S ON THE MENNNNNNNNNNUUUUUUUUU????????? Pink pajamas, penguins on the bottom. Pink pajamas, penguins on the bottom...

I can't think of a single soundtrack I love more than the Lion King soundtrack, and I say that as a John Williams fangirl. John Williams is a music god, but there's nothing that can really compete with the perfection that is Disney's Lion King. Elton John and Tim Rice did something truly magical in their collaboration. The music breathed life into the film that on its own would have done well, but with the music became so much more!

I mean they get you from the very first second of the film with the music (and amazing animation), and you're hooked from then on. The music was so powerful it was taken to Broadway where they made the most AMAZING stage show I have EVER seen using most of the same music and lyrics they had in the film. Incredible. Just incredible.

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