Wednesday, August 27, 2014

31 Days of Film - Day 27: A film from your childhood

Sleeping Beauty is the first movie I ever remember being obsessed with. I had it on VHS and wore that sucker out. I loved (and still do) everything about it. Samson was an awesome horse, Prince Phillip dashing, Aurora beautiful... the fairies were hilarious and Maleficent is the most awesome villain EVER. She turns into a DRAGON!

I loved the sounds that Samson's hooves made on the cobblestone. How he dumped Phillip into the water. I loved how Maleficent flew into her rages, and how she mocked Phillip in the dungeon.

That Merryweather, like me, hated pink and wanted the dress to be blue. And I laughed at how stupid Flora was trying to make a cake. (I have been known to quote her "what's a tsp" while in the kitchen.)

I've had a crush on Prince Phillip since age three. He's my favorite prince of all time (which is why I'm always so bummed that Once Upon A Time doesn't give him a good storyline... so much potential!).

And really I love everything about Maleficent. She is just so... deliciously evil. And she turns into a Dragon... that makes her pretty much the most awesome thing ever. The movie starring Angelina Jolie does not do the mistress of all evil justice. They wimpified her.

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