Thursday, August 14, 2014

31 Days of Film - Day 14: A film you used to love but now hate

It's not that I hate "All Dogs Go To Heaven", because I don't. It's a fun film... for the most part. It's just that after losing three of the very best dogs ever (Amiga in 1998, Jordy in 2002, and Yuka in 2013) I can't really handle watching it. So it was a film I loved to watch and now can't without big ugly crying. And I don't like to ugly cry.

I loved this movie as a kid. Wore out my VHS tape of it. Itchy was my favorite, and I adored Anne Marie. I was terrified of the alligator, and it bothered me that there was a pink dog in charge of Heaven. The demon that chases Charlie was scary, but it was a good scary... and who doesn't quote "you can never come back" in that creepy voice the pink dog had?

I had the movie memorized, but it's been so long that I don't think I could put two lines together. Though I'm always surprised when we pop a movie in I haven't seen in decades and I can quote it line by line, so who knows.

Playing around on to see who voiced the characters (all I remember is Dom DeLuise as Itchy) I'm giggling because the voice of "Ducky" in The Land Before Time is the same as the voice of "Anne Marie". Never realized that. Gotta love random bits of trivia. Thanks, Internetz.


  1. I saw this in theatres with my mum and sister when I was a little kid, but didn't like it at all. I think I was about 8 or 9... I remember coming out of it thinking I'd never seen a more boring movie haha! My mum thought the same, I THINK my sister liked it, but not sure.

  2. Also, I did know that Ducky and Anne Marie were the same voice... sadly the little girl who did their voices was murdered by her father when she was 9 or 10 years old... before Land Before Time even came out, it was still in post production I believe. :( She was a tiny girl for her age, very cute, she played a role as one of the orphans in the TV show Punky Brewster.

    1. Yes. He also killed the actresses mother and then himself a few days later. He had been abusing her physically for years before. Apparently it was known that he was jealous of little Judith's success and the fact that she was making more money than he was... So sad and def. crazy!