Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Anyone but Dallas. Anyone!!"

From - written by Dallas's older, wiser brother (ha ha!).

""Anyone but Dallas!!! Anyone!!" Lance Mackey reportedly hopes someone else wins, thinking Dallas is "cocky and obnoxious" according to ADN.

As his older brother, fan, and one of his best friends...I completely agree. He's a third child. Anyone who has one knows what I mean. He's a three time state and one time national wrestling champion, and represented the US in international tour...
naments. He's pretty darn good at everything from dog mushing, playing poker, throwing knives, telling stories, running businesses, shooting stuff, and public speaking. He has a beautiful wife and awesome daughter. He owns a home, a business and rental units. He has one of the best dog teams in the world. And he turned 25 last Sunday. I would admit it has gone to his head, but in a good way. Dallas is cocky in a confident way, and obnoxious in a fun way. Anyone who knows him knows what I mean; he's the clown, the joker, the one making everything fun. Sometimes at their expense, usually at his own. It takes a lot of self-confidence to swing for the bleachers. All those guys are some pretty confident dudes.

I don't blame Lance at all. I don't really think he means it in a negative way. Remember my post about the chances and consequences, Lance is having a rough year. All mushers say and do things when they're under stress, when they haven't slept in a week, and their dreams are turning into nightmares, that they normally wouldn't. I'm sure some of them have been related to me.


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