Friday, April 30, 2010

So much for the Truce.

They're at it again. Just when we thought the boys had become men and faced their differences and gotten over that hurdle and were basically ignoring each other... the media shows up, asks for a few soundbites, and they're back at it again.

That's right Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek's in the press rivalry is back in action. Weir started it by answering a few questions about the Olympic Champion in several articles in the last month. It's actually pretty shocking that he's reverted back to the needless jabs after he seemed to praise Evan - however underhandedly - during the whirlwind of drama surrounding Lysacek's controversial win. Weir didn't side with either Lysacek or Plushenko in that debate, but he didn't dispute the outcome either.

It's no secret that Johnny Weir is miffed over, what he considers, a snub SOI gave him by not adding him to the cast line up. I have my own feelings on that one - SOI traditionally has a certain number of male performers to female. SOI also likes skaters who 'toe the line' when it comes to PR moments. SOI likes skaters to get along. SOI wanted an Olympic Champion. Evan gets the bill, Johnny can't play nice so he stays home. - but that's beside the point. Johnny has started the debate on if SOI is 'homophobic'/'bigotted' because of his 'appeared sexuality'. Well, Johnny, it's only 'appeared' to those of us not in the 'inner circle', but if you don't want people to assume you are one way, maybe you shouldn't hit every stereotype in the book.

Johnny's jabs also extended to particular skaters, not just the tour management. Scott Hamilton and Evan Lysacek have - apparently - fallen into his sights and there's no stopping his blasting them.

Evan followed suit over the last week and blasted back at Johnny saying his skating wasn't up to par. He has since retracted his earlier quotes, but the damage is done, and I'm sure Johnny is sitting at home in his bubble bath with his boy toy smirking away. That Evan would allow the media and Johnny to get under his skin, is not overly suprising, but it is disheartening. Though I can't totally BLAME him for speaking out, at the same time he needs to stick with facts and not just try to insult his insulter. It doesn't work that way especially when we all know (including, I'm sure, Evan) that Johnny's SKATING or even his PROGRAMS are not what keeps him from SOI.

I'm disappointed in the boys this week. I'm not surprised at Johnny showing his true colors once again, but I'm still bummed and annoyed. so much for maturity.

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