Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dallas Seavey First In Cripple

After the confusion of last night, we still have no communication as to what was wrong with the GPS reporting - if there was any. is reporting that Baker and Seavey are out of Cripple and that they just breezed through, which is in start contrast to what's current standings are reporting. It can be assumed the leaders at the moment are taking their 24

Dallas Seavey was first into Cripple this morning with John Baker just 11 minutes behind. In third place, somewhat of a happy surprise, is Martin Buser.

King, Seavey, Neff, Schnuelle and Haltman are all out of Takotna after taking their 24 hour manditory layover. Wonder what Mitch thinks of his kid taking the lead at this point.

It's gonna be another great race day!

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