Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can you say Deja Vu?

And the race begins! Jeff King is first out of Cripple, with Mackey right on his heels. Though, in years past it's been King chasing Mackey. Still, it's starting to feel like old times with King and Mackey leading the way to Nome racing nearly neck and neck. Hugh Neff and Mitch Seavey aren't too far behind, either.

Back in Cripple still waiting for their chance to continue: Dallas Seavey, John Baker and Martin Buser - don't count these guys out. They've got an obvious strategy for the second half to wait until Cripple to take a break. It will be interesting to see if it costs them later on in the week, but the teams - especially Seavey's and Baker's - look really strong. It shouldn't be too big a deal, these mushers know what they're doing. (I hope lol)

In other news - Karen Ramstead has reportedly scratched from the race in Nikolai stating "personal reasons."

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