Saturday, March 14, 2015

Just a little Kaltag update before bed

So Aaron Burmeister's tucked into rest for 8 hours in Kaltag, he can leave at 4:49am. Jeff King made it into Kaltag a little while ago running just over 15 minutes faster than Burneister's time. Dallas looks to be third into Kaltag, he's about 15 miles away. That puts him into the checkpoint sometime after midnight/1am. Aliy Zirkle finished her 8 in Nulato and is also headed to Kaltag.

My guess is Dallas will leap frog and take control of the race... unless King gets up and out before Dallas can leave. I expect Dallas to rest on the trail between Kaltag and Unalakleet - but I do not have any knowledge on what his plans are. I'm just guessing. I also expected King to not stay long in Kaltag and he did. So what do I know? I am not a musher and don't pretend to be!

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