Friday, January 16, 2015

30 Days of Fangirl-ism - Day 3: First Fandom

Ah, Star Wars. I was 8 when dad introduced me to the original trilogy... you know the ORIGINAL original trilogy. No Special Edition existed yet. No stupid prequel trilogy. No Jar Jar Binks... Han Solo shot first... when it was about the story and adventure not CGI.

I LOVED the movies. I was obsessed. I had Star Wars everything - nothing really collectible, we couldn't afford the good stuff, but enough crap that fills half the basement now. I really need to go through that stuff and purge.

I also LOVED the "Expanded Universe" books. Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy especially... The obsession followed me all the way through high school... even with the prequels slowly taking away my love. And the "New Jedi Order" series breaking my heart (Anikan Solo :'( )... and the books following it made me mad (seriously Jacen Solo turning to the dark side? Um, no. Just NO.)

I had a bookshelf filled with nothing but Star Wars books. My binders and folders were Star Wars... all my video games on my first home computer were Star Wars...

Most of my Language Arts papers had something to do with Star Wars.

I wanted to work at Lucasfilms or Lucasarts (if I'd done that I'd be working for Disney now. Oh the irony!)

It's not a fandom I participate in these days. All of my Star Wars memorabilia and books are packed away. But I think I still have the movies pretty much memorized. And Han Solo is still one of my all time favorite anti-heroes.

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