Friday, February 24, 2012

Junior Iditarod begins tomorrow!

Saturday's race boasts 11 junior mushers on the roster, including three veterans. Last year's surprise winner, Jesse Klejka, is back but will face some fierce competition from Conway Seavey who has some unfinished business after last year's mistake cost him a possible win. Seavey took a wrong turn with another musher last year and ended up coming in farther back in the standings than he was supposed to. Conway's bio on the Jr. Iditarod website about his goal for this year proves he's not taking this race lightly, "This year, if nothing else, I plan to finish the Race without getting lost so the jokers in my family will give me some peace!"
The boys better look out, however, because the other veteran in the mix is Jenny Gregor a musher out of Montana. Jenny came in fifth last year as a rookie, and won rookie of the year. By the looks of things she is a seasoned competitor, and could pose to be quite a challenge this year.

Here's hoping everyone has a great race this weekend! Be sure to follow along on, the GPS tracker is free to all for the Junior Race!

Good luck Peninsula Mushers! Ben Lyons (l), Conway Seavey (r),
and Mattie Cobb (not pictured)!! Bring home a win!

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