Friday, January 6, 2012

Jeff King joins T200 Roster
Four-time Iditarod Champion and newly unretired Jeff King has joined the small T200 roster. King will be the 12th musher out of the gate on January 28 for a 200 mile sled dog race.

The T200 is a well known race located on the Kenai Peninsula. For the first time in years the race will take a route to a check point in Homer before returning to the starting point. The race was very close to being cancelled this year due to lack of funding, but with help from local support and a bit of restructuring the race is still on.

Changes to the race are simple, a different check point (in Homer) as well as the lack of the Tustamena 100. Both the 200 and Jr. races are set to go the last weekend of January. So far not many junior mushers (youth) are signed up, most noticably absent is last year's winner, Conway Seavey.

So far, thirteen teams have signed up for the T200.

*Another exciting addition (well, exciting to some) is the addition of ME! I will be volunteering as the race's official photographer. Tons of photos coming your way at the end of the month! So excited (how's that for totally changing from an official sounding article to a fangirl blog?)

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