Saturday, March 12, 2011

Team Jamaica scratches in Anvik

Jamaican musher, Newton Marshall, scratched this afternoon in Anvik stating he was concerned for the wellfare of his dogs. Newton had 11 dogs on his team when he scratched and stated that some were showing signs of illness. Marshall is an Iditarod veteran, having finished his first race last year, and has been mentored by Lance Mackey. One of Marshall's biggest boosters is singing legend, Jimmy Buffett. Yes, THAT Jimmy Buffett.
Newton is an Iditarod fan favorite, many citing the Disney movie "Cool Runnings" when speaking about the musher. In fact just last year I was saying Disney needed to make a sequel. Instead of an Olympic Bobsled team, the movie would focus on an Iditarod Sled Dog team. But I digress.

In other race news, John Baker still has a substantial lead heading towards Unalakleet (the checkpoint where Mackey normally makes his gigantic move and takes over the lead). Considering Baker's a favorite of Iditarod experts and followers, this has been an exciting twist into this year's race. It's still anyone's game at this point with at least 8 teams vying for - and able to pull off - a win.

Dallas Seavey and Martin Buser are neck and neck at this point at tenth place. According to the GPS tracker Dallas was set to pass Martin about five minutes ago. This race is anything but boring.

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