Friday, March 11, 2011

Mitch Seavey out of the Iditarod

Mitch Seavey at the Ceremonial Start of
Iditarod 39, March 5, 2011
By now everyone's heard the news as it happened early thursday morning, but Mitch Seavey was taken out of the race by the Race Marshal due to a severe injury to Seavey's right index finger. According to a statement provided by Seavey's family, Mitch was using a "poorly constructed" knife to cut a tie on a bale of straw when it snapped shut cutting his finger at the first knuckle. Seavey was declared withdrawl by Race Marshal Nordman around 4:17am Thursday March 10. As competitive as he is, Seavey wanted to continue racing, but understood and agreed with Nordman - and the vet team that patched him up - that it was in his best interest to withdraw and head to Anchorage for Surgery.

The surgery was successful, and Mitch was able to keep his finger, and, through a lot of PT, should be able to regain some use out of the digit. From the sound of the wound, it sounds like Mitch wouldn't have had enough strength to properly care for his dogs were he allowed to run. It was a good call on Nordman's part, and I'm glad Mitch ultimately agreed with the decision.

Mitch was carrying the ashes of his friend and long time Kennel Manager Scott Hagen's ashes. Hagen passed away just a week before the Iditarod began, and the family has been hit hard with the sudden loss. Mitch passed the ashes off to son (and fellow racer) Dallas Seavey and "told him to get the job done," according to a posting that Danny Seavey - Mitch's eldest - wrote on Facebook late Thursday evening.

Here's hoping Mitch a speedy recovery and that we'll see him out on the trail with his team soon!

In Iditarod news, John Baker is now the leader, just as he planned, on the Yukon. He's taken his 8 hours, and is keeping Hugh Neff about a mile behind him. Mackey is a somewhat distant third, he's down to 9 dogs with the possibility of dropping to 8. Mushers need only 6 to finish in Nome. Dallas Seavey is hovering around 10th (his highest finish was 6th two years ago).

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