Saturday, June 13, 2015

Caribou on the Kenai

I had a busy afternoon yesterday. Went and helped Kassy take down the VBS stuff (which normally we DON'T have to do, that's not in our job description!), then went over to the Animal Shelter for what I thought was just going to be a volunteer interview but I ended up taking photos (yay!). Get home, set up the camera gear to get ready for the Tri-the-Kenai this Sunday and my facebook gets flooded with "There are caribou with big antlers on the Flats right on the road!"

So after going back and forth trying to decide if I was going to make the trek over there (it's a 10 minute drive during the 5 o'clock hour) I headed out and snapped a few beauties before they went into the bushes.

The Kenai lowland herd of Caribou are a protected herd. They cannot be hunted as their numbers are small and a few years ago they were nearly all gone. They are steadily increasing in number, and visit many hot spots in Kenai all year long (they love to hang out at the high school). During Christmas last year they were over by Soldotna Animal Hospital and they made a lot of comments about Santa stopping in and getting his team checked out before the big flight. ;)

It was a beautiful night for photos!

You can see how close the flats are to the highway. The
caribou regularly cross the road, so always be vigilant!

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