Monday, May 18, 2015

It is definitely May

Boy you can tell it's May - I have no time to myself. Between Vacation Bible School, photography, family, friends, and my PART TIME JOB (yes I have one of those now) I have been on the go.

Once VBS is over (first week in June is when we hold ours, but it takes us over a month to prepare the decorations and get the stage/sanctuary decorated) I will be able to play a little more, maybe sleep a little more... and get veg.

My introvertedness is in desperate need of a recharge. I haven't had a real day to myself and I just need a day or two of solitude or I'm going to go crazy. My body is running on empty so I at times come off as extremely grumpy or extremely sleepy. It's frustrating.

But, we'll get there. Tourist season is upon us. July I will get a lot of time to myself as I will be house sitting for friends. Looking forward to it.

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