Thursday, January 15, 2015

30 Days of Fangirl-ism - Day 2: Current Fandom

I'm actually going to cheat and list two as I'm active in both of these fandoms and I am super excited for them to come back from Hiatus. The first I'll highlight is Arrow. Like I said in yesterday's prompt I got into this fandom because I a friend kept suggesting it, and I needed another show to take my mind off of Once Upon A Time (a fandom I'm less a part of these days but I can't fully let go of yet). OUAT killed off one of its main characters and it affected me in ways I didn't see coming. So I needed to let it go and move on. I moved on to a TV show based on a comic book that I had no knowledge of (and honestly I still don't) and immediately fell in love with the story and the cast of characters.

I love me a good family angst story - and Arrow is full of it. From Oliver Queen's promise to his father that he would right his wrongs, to his reunion with his mother and sister... and of course the Laurel angle. I LOVE Oliver's relationship with his sister Thea. LOVE.IT. Can't get enough of him being a big brother.

And then that first season they had Tommy Merlyn. Oliver's best friend, a new love interest for Laurel. Someone trying to get out from under everyone's shadow. He's completely in the dark about who The Vigilante is - until it's revealed in order to help save Tommy's father. And the bff angst begins. I loved Tommy from the pilot episode all the way through - and still do. But they killed him off in the first season's finale. I had just dealt with the loss of a favorite character on another show, and I lost another one! I have a tendency to pick "the wrong guy"...

Now it's rumored that with all of the time Colin's spent on set that he can't just be doing a flashback scene or two. That somehow they've brought Tommy back - I HOPE SO! - but even if the rumors are wrong, I will still love each and every episode they bring Tommy back in flashbacks. Because he's awesome.

This whole show is awesome. As I said before - I love John Diggle and Felicity Smoak. My two favorite characters in the series. They are funny, intelligent, and keep Oliver from losing himself.

I can't wait to see what the rest of this season holds - and I can't wait for season 4!

My other current fandom is The Blacklist. Though I don't wear the Fedora and go around worshiping everything about James Spader, I do LOVE this show. Lizzie is complex and a pretty bad-@$$ heroine. She's a strong and intelligent woman who doesn't seem to compromise her integrity though she is playing in a very grey area (and her moral center is skewed this season - I mean did you see what she did with Tom?!) but there's still something right and just about her.

Meanwhile Spader plays the most entertaining character on Television right now with his role of Ray Redington. The man is an enigma. You can't quite figure out what his intentions are. Is he Lizzie's father? What is his connection to her if he isn't - AND WHY ARE HE AND TOM KEEN WORKING TOGETHER?!

Tom Keen, though, is why I watch this show. I loved him as her slightly nerdy, innocent, hubby in the first season and I was DEVASTATED when they began having problems in their marriage due to her job. Then we find out the heartbreaking truth that he was employed to watch her and possibly kill her. I called the season finale where it he was shot and everyone presumed him dead. My family was so sure of it that they mocked me and said "well, there goes another one of Toni's favorites. You're bad luck!" but I was convinced that because we didn't see a body that he was not gone for good.

I also had the idea that Tom was somehow a double agent and not only working for Berlin - aka the man after Redington - but was also somehow working for Red. And now I'm not sure Tom was working for Berlin at all. I'm completely perplexed by the character - even though I can typically guess what is going to happen with him, I still feel as if I know absolutely nothing about him.

Except I do believe he truly cares for Lizzie. Even when he says the hurtful and evil things he does about her only being a mark - there's something in the way he hitches when he says it. Something about the way he doesn't just agree with Red when he's told to leave her alone and stay away from her. Something about how every time they've physically fought and he's won he can't do away with her even though that is what he's been told to do.

I know the show is pushing Lizzie to be with Ressler, and that's probably how it will end up being, but I really have hope for the Keens. If nothing else I just want Tom Keen to be figured out and that he gets to stay alive... so that I can safely say I don't jinx all of my favorites.

So those are my two fandoms that I am very active in...

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