Monday, December 29, 2014

Thank you for 4 great years, Jim Harbaugh!

Words cannot express how bummed I am over the 49ers parting ways with Coach Jim Harbaugh after only 4 years where the team saw 3 NFC titles, and won a trip to the Superbowl (the Harbowl will forever be my favorite Superbowl). I am upset at the upper management that decided they needed to micro manage when obviously Harbaugh was doing something right without their help. I'm upset that Harbaugh decided to just piss on this season because he was unhappy. I'm upset that the team let the drama bleed into how they played.

I'm upset that we just saw one of the best coaches this team has ever had slip through our fingers because the General Manager has more pull for sitting his butt crunching numbers.

I love watching Jim Harbaugh on the sidelines. He's passionate, cares about his team, and cares about the game. The tantrums were hilariously entertaining - I loved watching him lose it. Not because it was ridiculous or embarassing but because he wasn't afraid to let it show. He wasn't saying anything the rest of us weren't yelling from the stands or in our living rooms.

Jed York and company are shooting this franchise in the foot. Chances are they are going to make the wrong decision and this season will be seen as a GOOD one in the years to come. For the sake of the Niners (and my sanity) I hope I'm wrong... but I have NO faith in the 49ers Front Office.

So, thank you Jim, for all that you did for this team. Thank you for letting me enjoy being a Niners fan for a season or two. Good luck in your future endeavors - be it NFL or College - and I look forward to seeing more Harbaugh Sideline highlights!

This will be me for the next few weeks, months... probably years:

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