Friday, September 5, 2014

Puppy-Dogs Portraits from the Kenai Animal Shelter - Sept 3

So my phone took a shower in my truck yesterday. Apparently I have a leaky windshield! UGH! I'm trying to dry it out (though depending on who you ask I'm either doing the right thing or the wrong thing). I have 9 days till Disney and I need the phone to keep in contact with people I'm meeting up with. I really can't afford to go and get a new phone so I'm praying this works. Though really it's getting harder and harder to have faith of any kind. I know I sound like a selfish first worlder... but this is the fourth year of just crap on top of crap. Every time I start turning in a positive direction I get shoved back down. It's tiresome.

Which is why my Wednesdays are the highlight of the week these days. Yes, it's sad to see all the animals in cages waiting to hopefully be adopted, but they're all wonderful and loving...

and sometimes there's a puppy!

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