Friday, September 5, 2014

Kittens & Cats of the Kenai Animal Shelter- Sept 3 portraits

There are a lot of kittens this week at the Kenai Animal Shelter. Two big litters of them. And some of the kittens were itty bitty (they're up for adoption at the earliest this weekend). There was a runt - a little all black kitten with blue eyes - that Kassy and I both fell in love with. He(?) is feisty and shows no fear. Very friendly. He's so tiny that I dubbed him Frodo. I may have gone overboard taking his picture.

I am really enjoying volunteering at the shelter. I'm going to miss doing it while on vacation. I might miss some super cute animals! I reminded Cora about my being gone and she looked super worried, whenever they don't have pictures of the animals the adoptions go down because people aren't coming in as often to see who is available. It's weird. Though honestly I never went to the shelter to look... but the pictures at least gave me an idea of what they had.

It's been super busy with huge turn over of animals at the shelter this week. Most of the faces were brand new and it was getting full. It's the end of summer and I guess that's a time of year that people begin dropping off their former pets. Great time if you're looking for a forever friend. If you're in Kenai swing by and check them out. Can't take one home? Volunteer your time to give the animals the love and attention they deserve.

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