Sunday, September 14, 2014

I'm in Anaheim!

Made it in right on schedule. Spent most of my day in the hotel's lobby. I didn't get a key to our room until 3:30ish - half an hour before regular check in. Not too big a deal, but I was definitely tired of waiting in a busy waiting area.

The flights were uneventful. I slept the whole way basically. Popped my Dramamine, turned Dean Nichols' sermon on repeat on my iPod and I was out before we took off. Booyah!

I was hoping to nap this afternoon, but since I didn't get into the room and settled until right before the Niners game started (10-0 so far, GO NINERS!) I didn't get a nap. Debating if I want to shower tonight or not.

Hoping to catch the Disneyland fireworks from the Sun Deck on top of our hotel tonight. They start at 9:25pm. I haven't moved from the couch since food got here (I ordered Chinese... it was disappointing). It was so hot at one point today I think it was 104 while I was walking to the elevator to get to my room. Oy. Not looking forward to the temps tomorrow... though it's forecast to *only* be 98*. Instead of the 104 they forecast it'd be the other day.

We'll see...

Dang, Kap just got intercepted. Maybe I should go hide and take a shower.

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