Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Michael Coleman is awesome (yes another OUAT cast gushfest)

So we all know I adore the cast of ABC/Disney's Once Upon A Time, and I have gushed about them before... the cast is freaking ADORABLE in every sense of the word and they are so awesome to their fans...

but Michael Coleman tweeting me (yet again) tonight takes the cake. I think he just trumped MRJ as being my favorite Michael on OUAT.

He had been sharing new versions of the #Selfie, and so I dared him to create a "Moosie"... and next thing I know I get this tweet.

Michael personifies his character (Happy the Dwarf). He really, really does. I'm forever a fangirl.


  1. Except for when he is insulting fans of the show. Mmmkay....

    1. I honestly do not blame him for being frustrated. Some fandoms take it way too far. While he probably could've just continued to ignore it, I don't judge him for speaking out.