Wednesday, August 6, 2014

31 Days of Film - Day 6: movie that reminds you of an event

Remember when I was a big time Star Wars nerd. Yeah, those were the days of no friends and lonely school hours. Still, it was a great time of imagination - and the Expanded Universe (now destroyed thanks to Disney... grrrrrr) kept me reading. But, I digress.

In 1999, Star Wars came back to theatres with the first of three prequels. The Phantom Menace was all I could think about during the spring semester of 8th grade. I wanted to go to the very first showing of it in town, problem was it opened on a school day - a very important school day. 8th grade graduation.

Mom and Dad were not about to let me skip school that day and I was so very bummed. It was just a ceremony and then we were going to watch movies in class all day. I was a loner in 8th grade, I really had no desire to sit alone and watch as former friends had a good time. But Mom and Dad would hear none of it.

The day of graduation was fun enough, I was in the band and that was the highlight as we played the 1812 Overture (still one of my favorite pieces of music EVER). We walked across the "stage" and got our "KCHS Class of 2003" tshirts. Our parents all cheered, some got teary eyed. We ate cookies, drank punch (well those that like punch - which I don't - did.)... and then Mom and Dad went to the office and signed me out early. We picked up my best friend Kassy and went to the movies.

I was so surprised! I really didn't think I'd get to see Star Wars until the weekend and I got to see it that afternoon instead! And back at age 14 I loved the movie. It wasn't until way later that the movie started to annoy me. All of the prequels were so disappointing (Sith being the only one I own on DVD.) The ONLY positive of the prequels is Ewan McGregor, who - even with the bad hair they gave him - is one of my favorite actors.

Even Yoda was disappointing in Episode 1. But the lightsaber fights were epic.

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