Sunday, August 24, 2014

31 Days of Film - Day 24: Your favorite "guilty pleasure" film...

Does Mr. & Mrs. Smith count as a guilty pleasure? I suppose it depends on what makes one feel guilty? I can't think of a single movie I own or watch that make me feel guilty about something... now if we're talking TV I have one (Terriers... hey it's been a while since I did a Michael Raymond-James shout out... oh, wait... I did a review about a movie he's in two days ago... whoops.)

I was not a fan of Brad Pitt's when it was popular to be a fan - story of my life, really. I'd never been a fan of Angelina Jolie's either. I just felt both were very overrated as actors (and as hotties) and so I didn't pay much attention. For the record, both are very good at their job, but I wouldn't say I'm a fangirl of either. Still this movie looked interesting and friends wanted to see it in theaters so I tagged along.

Jolie and Pitt are a pretty awesome duo. They definitely had chemistry (this IS the movie that destroyed Pitt's marriage to Jennifer Aniston, afterall) and the script was charming. I love the idea of two assassins being unaware that they married their main rival and are now tasked with killing the other.

Who knew paid murder could be so sexy?!

The movie wouldn't have done as well, I think, if they'd played it straight on serious. That it's really in many ways a comedy is what makes it work. Otherwise they could've taken it the soft porn route (like the coming attraction of "50 Shades Of Grey" which I have no desire of ever seeing), and I wouldn't be gushing about the film had it gone that way. Granted there is sexual content in the film, but it's definitely of the PG-13 variety.

I guess I feel guilty liking it because of all the "controversy" and tabloid fodder than surrounded it... so that's my guilty pleasure...


  1. I haven't seen this one, and would have had no idea about the tabloid side of it as I don't follow celebrity news at all haha! I seriously haven't the foggiest who most actors/actresses are in a film and know them for the characters only. I don't actually have TV though, just dvd's, and I don't read news sites, magazines etc, so I'm a little out of the loop.
    My guilty pleasure: Hmm... maybe it's the fact that I enjoyed the POTC sequels (all of them) just as much as the original lol! From all the reviews, I'm sure I wasn't supposed to haha!
    (Though I did HATE the scenes with multiple Captain Jacks... )

  2. I don't mind the 2nd and 3rd POTC films... the 4th was just... meh. Not really looking forward to #5.

  3. See I loved the 4th too haha! Though it's the only one I don't own on DVD but one day I do plan to get it haha!
    As for looking forward to the 5th, I think I am... but I'm doing so in a hesitant way because I do start wondering if they are overdoing it too and if it can possibly still be good haha! I'll go see it and make up my mind in the theatre :)

    1. they really should've stopped at three ha ha

      At World's End was another movie that I wasn't expecting to have an emotional reaction like I did. It took me months (really years) to get over what happened to Will!