Thursday, August 21, 2014

31 Days of Film - Day 21: The film that not only changed the way you saw cinema, but the way you saw the world

Erin took me to see Big Fish (playing at the Orca Theater) for my 19th birthday. I'd been having a rough go of late, and so she wanted to treat me. I was a huge Ewan McGregor fangirl at the time (still am) and it was his latest and greatest film. It was also a Tim Burton film, and his work normally creeps me out... so we weren't sure how this movie would be... but it was a way to get me out of the house - so off we went.

The film was brilliant. Everything a film should be. I still feel this is Burton's greatest film (and will probably always feel this way). It has heart and a way of weaving a story that isn't just the narrator (and main character's) flowery way of spinning the truth. I still don't know if I understand all of it... but it was thought provoking - and for a barely 19 year old girl it was life changing.

The casting was sublime - not just McGregor, everyone was spot on for the characters they played. The story was interesting (I've not read the book as I'm worried the movie took too many liberties as most often do). I'm not keen on the whole affair/double life aspect of the story - but the love story between Edward and Sandra is so compelling. It's the part I don't totally understand about the film, but who doesn't get all giddy with the field of daffodils scene?!


It's honestly just such a beautiful film. I used to watch it over and over, and haven't seen it in a long while. I may have to remedy that sometime this weekend. I hear it's now a musical on broadway (or about to be). I hope it's good... and I hope that it's successful enough to some day make it's way out on tour to Alaska. I'd love to see how it stands up to the movie.

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