Wednesday, August 20, 2014

31 Days of Film - Day 20: best political film

I was going to choose Lincoln - but the ending was a bust. As much as I love Spielberg and act as if I can't find fault with him - he missed the mark in the ending of Lincoln (I'd have ended with him walking down the hall, and then fade to his speech. The assassination was unnecessary). So I chose my next favorite "political" film.

Helen Mirren was perfectly cast as "The Queen" - the film takes place in the aftermath of Princess Diana's death and shows what the Royal Family dealt with, with the ugliness of the media and "fans" of the slain former royal. I was barely in jr. high when Diana died, so I grew up/was more aware of the aftermath and I never got the hero worship she gets. I also don't get the obsession Americans have with the royal family (I mean, didn't we win a war so we didn't HAVE to be enamored with them?!)

But this film brought a humanity to the Royal Family that folks had forgotten they might possess. It was actually refreshing that it took a decent look into not only the political structure, but the emotional ones surrounding The Queen's decisions during that troubled time. Sure it wasn't a war or political take over - but it was a kind of celebrity Armageddon that was completely out of control. Honestly, the reasons given in the film for why they "hid away" for so long made complete sense to me. That the hyperbole of the media and Diana's family created the hate spewed at the family was completely uncalled for... but there again I'm not a fan of Diana or the family. And it's "just a movie" interpretation to what happened.

James Cromwell was fabulous as Prince Phillip as well. But when is he not fabulous?!

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