Sunday, August 17, 2014

31 Days of Film - Day 17: Best scene ever in a movie

The original prompt was "most beautiful" scene, but I can't think of one that stands out among all of them (now, TV that'd be easy ha ha). However, my all time favorite scene in any film is easy to choose. I've thought this scene was BRILLIANT since PotC came to theaters in the summer of 2003.

I went into the film thinking it wasn't going to be much of anything and was blown away. I hadn't had a high regard for Disney films in quite some time. Sure, PIXAR movies were good (great!) but they were just partnered with Disney - no run by them. Stories had been lacking for most off my teen years, I expected PotC to be another one of their lame attempts and revitalizing their franchise (I mean, they based a movie off of a theme park attraction).

It started off good enough with the whole crossing of the ocean, and then jumping to Lizzie and Will angst... but it wasn't until the scene that introduced Jack Sparrow that this film went from being another pirate movie to the most amazingly humorous adventure EVER. Curse of the Black Pearl is near movie perfection. Johnny Depp created a fantastic character, and Keira Knightly, Orlando Bloom, Geoffry Rush and Jack Davenport all committed so well to the story and their characters. It was casting made perfect.

I saw it four times in theaters, and this scene NEVER failed to crack me up!

4 weeks until we go searching for Captain Jack in Disneyland!


  1. I love that scene too, and after reading your other post you'll totally disagree, but my all-time fav movie scene is the lighting of the beacons from the final LOTR movie haha... but this is a terrific one for sure too!

    1. I honestly don't remember the movies well enough (I zone out watching them) to even know the scene you're talking about ha ha!

  2. Haha, well the scene is called Beacons of Gondor I think if you really are curious and want to look it up on youtube... but as you don't like the movie, I'm guessing you don't want to ;) LOL