Monday, July 14, 2014

If I won the lottery...

Not sure how I'd win the lottery since we don't have one here in Alaska, number 1, and number 2 I don't have a whole lot of money to throw away at something so lame. But it's the daily prompt so I'll try to play along. (besides it's a good excuse to find and use MRJ gifs ha ha)

It would really depend on what the prize was that I won. With my luck I'd win a quarter. But if I won the jackpot of a bajillion dollars the break down would be pretty simple.

I'd pay off the credit cards (not that I don't already, but my Alaska Air card has a continual balance these days...), pay off my parents house (it's close enough that I wouldn't feel the pinch), pay off my truck - sell it - and then get a Ford Escape. Then I'd most definitely buy some primo land on the Kenai River and build me a two story home. "Spare no expense."

I'd also join the Disney Vacation Club (their version of a timeshare). I mean, this is the first thing I'd probably do if I'm being honest with myself. I'd be getting a timeshare so quickly that I wouldn't have time to think about my other options/obligations! LOL

Oh and with my external hard drive crashing on me and none of my files being retrievable... yeah... I'm gonna go with I want a super duper computer system that can't crash no matter what I do. There has to be one available somewhere?!

So, that's some of what I'd do with my Lottery Money that I will never win but it's nice to dream.


  1. Well, we have a lottery here but I've never bought a ticket so my chances of winning are slim.... though I DO keep getting emails telling me my email address was randomly selected to win billions in the British Lottery haha!

    For me, I'd pay off my house and probably sell it and buy a new one in the same area, but one that is not a townhouse... I love my location and it's nice that other people do my yardwork (but if I won the jackpot I could hire someone I'm sure)... but I don't like that the neighbour's cigarette smoke keeps leaking through my vents... ugh. I'd give some to my parents/siblings and send some extra money to each of my sponsored kids (and probably sponsor some more too haha). Then I'd travel alot and visit each of them :)

    1. yeah I refuse to ever rent an apartment/townhouse/condo/duplex again. I refuse to live on top of neighbors. I want a yard and the house to just be mine. No renting for me if I have to share.

  2. I do have my 'own' yard, though other ppl walk through to cut the grass for me etc, but it's fenced off and semi-private which is nice, and townhouse is better than an apartment I think since I don't share a lobby/hallway etc, but the smoke is definitely not! I get this gross yellow tobacco product stuff coming through the woodwork in my bathroom walls that I have to keep cleaning off! Not fun! It's all I can afford in this location though, and as it's a terrific location for me (school across the street for Georgie when she's born, less than 10 min walk to my work, and about a 40 min walk or 5 min drive to my parents), it'll do. The neighbour is really old and has demensia, so I'm hoping she'll move and a non-smoker will move in next.