Monday, July 21, 2014

"I love a story with food in it..."

My waistline proves that I like to eat. I just don't like to eat healthy (healthy = no taste... at least none that I like). I'm not a foodie because I'm extremely picky. I like to cook even if I won't eat what I make (not because it isn't good, I just don't like it lol). But I do like good food, and I don't like exercise... so I'm a fatty. Ha ha.

So what are my top 10 favorite foods? (in somewhat random order):

1. TACOS/Taco Salad - I've said it several times now. I love tacos. I'd eat them multiple times a week if they'd let me. Taco Bell will do when I can't get a good ol' homemade taco. Mom craved them when she was preggers with me, so I guess that's where it comes from?

2. Biscuits and [Moose] Sausage Gravy - OMG, another one that I would eat all the time if they'd let me. But we only get so much moose sausage made a year, so that's a no go. Ha ha. Besides, I'm lactose intolerant. It's not good for me to eat so much dairy all the time. Which my body reminds me at the most inopportune times.

3. Pizza - I finally have a recipe that I like for pizza dough, so I don't always have to order for Pizza Hut or one of the other delivery services. I'm not super picky on where I get my pie (it's easier for me to list where I don't like than where I do). St. Elias in Soldotna, Alaska is one of the best... as is Moose's Tooth in Anchorage... but Pizza Hut or Pizza Boys works just as well.

4. Steak - Give me a good rare to medium rare steak and I will be your best friend. I love me some beef. It doesn't have to have fancy marinades or anything. Just season that puppy and put it on the grill. Serve it up with some steamed broccoli and some sour cream and Parmesan noodles and I've got one of my favorite meals of all time.

5. French Dip Sandwich - it's a toasted, hot sandwich that you dip in meat juice, what's not to love?! Chances are if we're eating out and this is on the menu, that's what I'm getting. I love me a good French Dip... heck I even love me a substandard French Dip. You really have to be trying to make a bad one.
Pioneer Woman's French Dip Sandwich
6. Pumpkin Pie - this is the dessert that I request for my birthday. I love pumpkin pie. Mom normally makes two of them any time she makes it so that I can just have my own and I don't have to share. There was only one time I didn't eat a pumpkin pie, and that was when Erin forgot to put the sugar in it. It was disgusting. Other than that, I'd eat a whole pie in one sitting if you let me.

7. Lasagna - Lalala-lasagna! I do love me some Lasagna! My absolutely favorite is the Lasagna that our local restaurant Paradisos serves. I rarely order something else there - not because their other stuff isn't good (their French Dip is bomb, as is their fettuccine!) but because the Lasagna is all I ever wanted in life! Ha ha! Dang, now I want me some Lasagna... they *do* deliver... hmmmmm....

8. Hamburger - I'm pretty picky so just mayo, ketchup and lettuce on my burger. Make sure to toast the buns (just a little, no charcoal on my bread) and don't over cook the beef. Interestingly enough I don't like fast food burgers, and I rarely order one when eating out. I do LOVE Burger Bus in Kenai, though. Yet another thing I'm craving right now. Whoops.

9. Soft Serve Ice Cream - I don't know what it is about soft serve that makes ice cream that much better, but I love the stuff. The 50 cent cones at McDonalds are a go to treat any time of the year. And if I'm feeling extra special I hit up DQ for a chocolate dipped vanilla cone.

10. Fried Chicken - I think I've figured out what I'm having for dinner to night. Fried Chicken. There's just something about that. It's wrong to fry it without the skin, though. Mom rarely keeps the skin on, and that's such a waste. What's the point of chicken without the skin?!

Man I should not do something like this when I'm hungry.

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