Sunday, July 13, 2014

Earliest Memory

I'm not sure how many people remember earlier than maybe age 5... I can barely remember anything past yesterday half the time! So many can remember great details of their childhood, but mine are sporadic. It bums me out. Either I wasn't paying attention or my life has just always been boring. Ha ha.

My first memory, though, is from when I was about 18-20 months old. I'm not sure exactly when. I have a memory of flashy lights and a face looking at me through a car window. I have had this recurring memory for years before finally asking my parents if it meant anything to them. Dad immediately knew.

When the memory occurred, dad was driving me to my g'parents' house before going to work. He pulled to the side of the road because he was having chest pains and thought he was having a heart attack. This was before the days of cell phones, so thankfully a cop was waved over (I don't remember the story well enough to remember how) and they got dad help. Problem was when they went to get me out of the car to transport me to where I needed to be I threw more than a fit. Apparently I was traumatized! Just them coming to the car door had me flipping out.

They contacted my mom and she had to come get me.

I still have nightmares involving it from time to time. So obviously it made an impact. So that's my first memory.

So yesterday I went fishing with my dad and his friends. Caught a Sockeye (dad and his buddy limited out though). It's still early for the second run of reds, but we had a good time. Until the boat died on us and we floated dangerously down the river. Had several boats pull up alongside and offer assistance, problem was none of their boats were big enough to tow us where we needed to go. So dad called his buddies that had just flown into Alaska to come bail us out. Dan, Cary, and Rick are literal lifesavers! I owe them cookies!

Other than that, no real news or exciting things going on. Still waiting to see if Hi Speed Gear was able to save my external hard-drive or not. If they can't I'm screwed. So I'm sure Monday will suck as that's when they'll no doubt give me the bad news.

Oh well, 63 days till Disneyland.


  1. I remember quite a lot from age 2 onwards, my first memory is a couple months before I turned two and I think you'll agree it's a good one: My first trip to Disney :) I remember quite a bit of that trip haha!

    1. I wish I could remember my first trip to Disneyland. I only remember a couple of rides, my jelly shoes melting to the pavement, and my parents arguing over what rides I should be allowed to ride LOL

    2. oh and I remember the birds eating my pancake because I wouldn't because they put berries on/in it and I hate berries.

  2. Haha, well it wasn't pancakes, but I did feed the pigeons something or other haha! (I don't remember what).
    I was also TERRIFIED of all the characters on that trip... after a LOT of convincing I did agree to sit on Snowwhite's lap and pose with her, but she was the ONLY one I trusted haha! Dopey came along while I was still on her lap and she tried to convince me to look at him, but I totally refused haha!