Saturday, July 26, 2014

An Old Picture of Me

In honor of Ted Stevens Day in Alaska, I'll share an old photo of me enjoying the best of Alaska. I was five, I'd broken my arm (hence the missing right arm and dad holding on to my sunglasses-that are really his glasses), and I am driving the boat while fishing on... I'm not sure if it's Eagle River or the Kenai. We still lived in Anchorage at the time, so anything is possible.

The late Senator Ted Stevens is still a powerhouse name in Alaska. He fought to get us into statehood and fought for our state until he was illegally prosecuted and thrown out of the senate a year before his death (on his way to a fishing trip, plane crashed). Uncle Ted is a true Alaskan Patriot, and a few months after his passing Alaskans began honoring him by getting out and playing in the state that he loved. Every year on the last Saturday of July we come together to remember the man who made Alaska into the state that it is today.

So, come on, Alaskans, lets GET OUT AND PLAY!

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