Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Why I love the OUAT Cast - reason 5,823

I love how supportive they are of one another - even after an actor has left the show (though in my heart I really really really hope we have not seen the last of MRJ/Nealfire on Once). Michael Squared (as I've decided to call them lol) are both two of my favorites on and off the show. Great actors.

Just had to get my fangirl moment in there.

Because I haven't *at all* fangirlled today over the news of MRJ's new project... nope, not even a little bit. /lying Okay, I may have interrupted VBS with a not so silent "OMG! *SQUEE!*" when the news hit my twitter feed. Yay for the soonish finally happening and we know what to expect. And GET THIS! He's not going to DIE or have a super tragic storyline... or be a douchey bad guy! OMG! My dream! ha ha!


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