Monday, June 9, 2014

30 Days of Disneyland - Day 9: Favorite Frontierland Attraction

Day 9 - Favorite Frontierland Attraction

Anyone who knows me knows this answer - I would hope, anyway. It's the ride that at WDW for my 24th birthday Erin and I sat and rode it five times in a row (four of those we didn't even get off the ride as there was NO LINE. BEST DAY EVER!). Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the first Disney coaster I tackled back in 2001. Dad was determined to break me of my fear of the things. We were on the high school band trip and he didn't want to do the rides I wanted to go on (Jungle Cruise, Pirates, etc). He won the argument as we took a vote with my friends. I'm so glad I lost that argument.

Big Thunder is the kind of thrill I can handle. It's fast-ish, high up-ish, and I feel well contained in the seat. Another great thing about this ride is that it's different in each park. The effects and storyline is different at Disneyland compared to the one at WDW, but both hold true to the overall theme. Disneyland's just got a huge refurb where they've added new effects using new technology and it looks AWESOME. I cannot wait to ride this ride in September.

We're 97 days away from Disneyland! And it's Donald Duck's 80th birthday today! Happy Birthday to my most favorite of Disney characters, without Donald there'd be no Disney (just ask him, he'll tell you)!

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