Saturday, June 28, 2014

30 Days of Disneyland - Day 28: Favorite Time To Visit

Day 28 - Favorite Time to Visit

Not sure if it means time of year, or time of day. If it's time of year I have to say any time that isn't peak season. For Disney World I've decided I love November... but for Disneyland I'm not quite sure. I've been in the summer several times and it's been either great or traumatic (great in 2006, traumatic in 1990 - I got stuck to the sidewalk thanks to my jelly shoes melting!) or just super hot and I ended up sick (2012). So August isn't my favorite... February is the only other time I've gone, and the crowd levels were awesome (there were none!) but a lot of things were down for rehab and refurb... of course a lot of the park that was down for those things are now fully functional (construction was for Carsland and the new Fantasyland attractions). So it may not be as bad normally in Feb. So let's just say I don't care when I go so long as I don't melt (or my shoes) and I don't have to deal with crazy crowds.

Time of day that I like to visit is either first thing in the morning because the crowds are less, or once the sun goes down for photographic purposes (I have been known to close down a park just snapping long exposures while most of the crowd is headed home).

So there ya have it... I'm trying to figure out what July's challenge is going to be themed after....

78 Days till Disneyland!

Yup, another MRJ gif I snagged from Google.
Good night my friends.

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