Thursday, June 19, 2014

30 Days of Disneyland - Day 19: Favorite Fireworks Spectacular

Day 19 - Favorite Fireworks Spectacular

FAN-FREAKING-TASMIC! Anyone who knows my Disney obsession knows how much I freaking LOVE THIS SHOW. It is the best thing EVER. I first saw it at Disney World and thought it couldn't get better... then they recreated Maleficent's Dragon (with SUCH DETAIL) at Disneyland and OH MY WORD! I literally CRIED last time she was so beautiful!

I love how the show truly celebrates Disney imagination. They bring life to some of the best Disney characters, and it works seamlessly! The climax is Maleficent transforming into a HUGE fire breathing dragon. The worst part is Mickey kills her (oops, spoiler!), but just add that to the list of why I'm not a huge Mickey fan. ha ha! (Sorry, Walt!)

The technology of this show is incredible. And I love how they add the fireworks in as "magic". It totally works from start to finish. Absolutely love EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SHOW. And can watch it multiple times a trip (or night) and not be bored with it!

87 days to go till DISNEYLAND! I'm coming, Malfy!

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