Tuesday, June 17, 2014

30 Days of Disneyland - Day 17: Favorite Live Show

Day 17 - Favorite Live Action Show

Hands down it's Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular which is found at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It's on par with a Broadway show and is just as entertaining no matter how many times you view it. As I posted a couple of days ago, The Genie character makes or breaks this show - and I've never seen a Genie flop yet. Jafar is also deliciously evil and humorous. They steal the show from Jazzy and Al, that's for sure.

The music is the familiar songs from the movie plus an extra one that was originally for the movie but got canned - I believe it's now in the Broadway version of Aladdin (which is different to the movie and this show at California Adventure). There are rumors going around that this show may not be around much longer - they tried pulling it a couple of years ago but due to the response from fans they reopened. Rumors say that FROZEN may take its place, so I'm hoping to see Aladdin one more time (if it is truly going away, which does make sense what with the Broadway show a hit now and all).

And we're officially under 3 months to go. I spent the majority of my day getting my park admissions bought. Good way to spend the day, but dang I'm poor again! It'll be worth it, though!

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