Saturday, May 3, 2014

That time William Shatner Tweeted Me

So the other night I was tweeting back and forth with a few friends, mainly fangirling over a certain actor (who may or may not be the best dressed in my 30 days of OUAT list ha ha). It was getting late, but we were on a kick... and then I saw a tweet that William Shatner wrote about Once Upon A Time. He's become an OUAT fanboy recently, and was announcing he was caught up on the series. Like many Oncers, he was proud of himself for calling a certain plot twist. I'm not a fan of Shatner, really (I do like him in Miss Congeniality though), but I had been following him because of his auction where he was auctioning off some Once Upon A Time memorabilia.

It was a total knee jerk reaction when I decided to reply to his tweet. It was me being whiny about Neal Cassidy not being around to be his kid's father, and I wasn't expecting to get a reply when lo and behold Mr. Shatner did just that! It was cool - I mean earlier that week I had OUAT creator Adam Horowitz reply to a tweet, too - but I didn't think much of it. I mean, really, who would? My friend tweeted me to "hope you're ready for some random attention". But I just laughed and went to bed.

I wake up the next morning to find out I apparently went viral. Because of my start of the discussion Shatner and a few Nealfire fans began to discuss how Neal needs to come back! WILLIAM SHATNER IS A NEALFIRE FAN (and apparently a SwanFire shipper, but I don't really care too much about that). I was NOT expecting any of this, and I spent most of Thursday and Friday very embarrassed as I watched my twitter post go viral on all sorts of social media sites (it's all over tumblr, twitter, facebook and instagram... and I don't have a tumblr!). It's CRAZY. My friends weren't even the ones who started it, they just fed into it (I think just because I was freaking out lol).

So, yes, Captain Kirk tweeted me about Once Upon A Time. My dad is telling everyone he knows... my five seconds of fame... oh well, it's better than when I made it into the local paper because I flambed the kitchen.

And, yes, Aimee, you are correct I was NOT THRILLED... LOL

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