Monday, May 26, 2014

Funny River Fire - day 8 - in pictures

I spent most of the day at the church in full on VBS decoration mode. After finishing up I came home, grabbed my camera, and headed down to the beach. The smoke has become incredibly DARK - which has been explained as nothing bad, just the result of the fire crews doing "back burning"... whatever that is. It made for some pretty nice shots.

The current numbers are 176,069 acres, 670 personnel assigned, 0 injuries. No percentage of containment has been listed as far as I know. I'm sure they're waiting until the crews come back in. They're talking about relieving many of them as they've been going for a week now and are in need of sleep and actual rest. They have all been SO AMAZING and the community has really rallied around them. They are our heroes!

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