Sunday, May 25, 2014

Funny River Fire - day 7 - evening pictures

As of 1pm - when the last numbers were given - the acres burned are 156, 041, I cannot find an update on the containment percentage. There has been a significant change in fire patterns and how they are fighting is and it's no doubt MUCH larger now. Today they evacuated much (if not all) of Funny River Road on both sides of the road. With the winds changing direction the fire seems to be moving the opposite direction and has begun to jump the Kenai River near the Kenai Keys area in Sterling.

The officials are reluctant to say that it's jumped, but there are many small fires popping up on the other side of the river. If it hasn't jumped it will. It's a matter of time. They're also not acknowledging that cabins were burned, but reports from those that have cabins in the Keys and were evacuated are reporting otherwise. I typically do not go with something that is unconfirmed, but those reporting it I trust. So we will see what tomorrow holds newswise.

This fire is now, most likely, the largest in state history. If it isn't, it most likely will be soon.

Rain is forecasted to hit sometime Monday night, but most likely not until Tuesday at the earliest. Keep praying.

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