Saturday, May 24, 2014

Funny River Fire - day 6 - morning pics

The smoke has settled in Kenai. The whole house smells like a campfire. I'll take that inconvenience though over the horror that's playing out on Funny River and Kasilof. Friends were evacuated from their homes last night, but told they could return around 1am today. They're still under evacuation advisory meaning that at a moment's notice they need to be ready to leave again.

The local power company shutdown one of their transmission stations when the fire got too close for comfort resulting in a short power outage - and the radio stations are still trying to get back up and running.

Last report has close to 79,000 acres burned with 20% containment. So the fire's progression has slowed considerably, but with the winds being unpredictable it made for an interesting night.

We still have NO rain in the forecast.

These photos were taken at 6:30am at my house. It's so gross outside.

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