Thursday, May 1, 2014

30 Days of OUAT - Day 8: Favorite Location

Day 8: Favorite Location

I'm probably cheating here, they probably want something more specific, but I can't narrow it down further. I love the Enchanted Forest. Every scene has so much to it. I could actually just go with a show that was in the EF and nowhere else. No Storybrooke, Neverland, Wonderland... I mean those places are nice, but I don't need them. Just tell me these stories with their twists.

Then again without the other realms we wouldn't have all the wonderful characters that we do/did. But, truly most all of the characters start in the EF... or end up there at least for a time.

And I love every corner of it. From the hovels, to the farms. The Kingdoms, the Castles... and the forest itself. So many stories, so many scenes... it will be interesting to see the Season 3 finale with the "reboot" and what that means for the EF - and its characters.

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