Tuesday, May 20, 2014

30 Days of OUAT - Day 21: Bravest Character

Day 21 - Bravest Character

It goes without saying that Charming is the bravest character in OUAT. I mean, Zelena chose to steal his courage because it was strongest (and he fought off Regina's guards one handed while cradling his newborn daughter in his arm). So how could I pick anyone else? I know there's an argument to be made that Neal Cassidy is the bravest/most heroic... and I agree he's right up there with Charming... but Neal typically went about it wrong - and he did have his cowardly moments. So that's why I'm not doing yet another gushfest of the wonderfulness that is Nealfire. Ha ha.

Prince Charming (David Nolan) was just a shepherd named David (yeah, I still think it's a nod to the Old Testament hero turned King.) until Rumpelstiltskin comes calling. Seems David was not the only child he believed himself to be, he had a twin brother who was given to King George (a deal his parents made with the Dark One). After his brother James dies in battle, Rumple informs George of James' brother and goes off to get the man. While James was trained in all things Princely, David was just a lowly shepherd and farmer. But the farm is failing, and Rumple's given him a way to save his livelihood - and give his mother a comfortable living.

But, as we all know, Magic comes at a price - and David finds himself thrust into a dangerous situation right off the bat. He needs to slay a dragon... or... well... at least be the front man while his "father's" knights do the deed. Problem is, they aren't really up for the task. So without any training whatsoever David rushes in and manages to defeat the beast, and save lives. He returns the hero, and George informs him that his duties remain at the castle. He cannot return home, and he has to marry the princess of a neighboring wealthy kingdom.

Because George threatens to kill David's mother, he agrees. Problem is as he and his betrothed are riding towards their new home and life... David meets up with Snow White... and falls head over heels for the female bandit. I could go into their whole love story and recount every single heroic/brave act Charming does (and later David does in Neverland and Storybrooke), but I won't... because you should just watch (or rewatch) the three seasons for yourself.

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